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Our team at Gentle Care therapy has many years of experience in early intervention. We help educators and families work together to provide a positive learning environment for each child. Additionally, we believe that the best results occur in a welcoming family atmosphere. Our team of expert therapists provide early intervention services using the latest research and techniques.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer top-quality early intervention services to the greater Philadelphia area. Above all, we aim to improve the lives of the children and families we serve. We believe in building positive learning environments because that is where growth happens best. As a result, our specialists always serve clients with respect and compassion.

We aim to...

  • Set a high standard for quality in the field of early intervention and pediatric development.
  • Grant each child the opportunity to play, discover, and grow in a caring and respectful atmosphere.
  • Build meaningful relationships with children, families, and educators in order to create a community of learners.
  • Establish an emotionally secure foundation for each child. In addition, we aim to help children develop a sense of self and empathy for others.
  • Work together with families to help their child because we believe that this is how children reach their full potential.
  • Create a welcoming family atmosphere so that all educators and families can work together to provide a positive learning environment for each child.
GentleCare Therapy - Pediatric Development and Early Intervention in Philadelphia
GentleCare Therapy - Early Intervention in Philadelphia

Core Values

  • Respect builds relationships that are important to success.
  • Each family and provider is unique. As such, we aim to understand, appreciate, and serve their needs.
  • Each child deserves high-quality care and learning opportunities.
  • All families should receive the support they need so that their child can succeed.
  • All children have the potential for academic and lifelong success.
  • Children deserve to make positive personal connections with their early intervention specialists.


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